Herbal Packages for Male Problem

Sensationalism and pleasure belong to everybody. Experience them better like never before! Get rid of all those hidden grievances of night with the male package! More »

Diabates Packages - Normal Blood Sugar / Pancreatic support

Sugar is the basic taste of life. Is diabetes demanding this sweetness and making your life tasteless? Then treat it in the care of Mother Nature with our Diabetes Pack. More »

Heart Blockage / High Cholesterol Packages

A healthy heart, throbbing with happiness and love is something we all cherish. Make this part of your body skip and bump with life! Use our herbal heart remedy package. More »

Kidney / Renal Herbal Packages

Our kidneys are filters of our body. It is a good idea to keep them in good conditions. Help your kidneys live the life they deserve, with our renal package. More »

Slimming Packages

A healthier and younger looking figure is now a promise. Battle those extra ounces with a terrific solution, right from the palms of Mother Nature – The weight loss package! More »


Divya Amavatari Ras for Diuretic, Rheumatism, Body pain & Joint pain


Arthritis makes a significant number of people across the globe, its regular victim.  Most people suffer from what is known as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Research has shown that osteoarthritis is one of the ten most disabling diseases in developed countries. What’s more, about 80% of those who have osteoarthritis face problems in movement. Next, rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic systemic disease, affects people between 20s and 40s.

Divya Arshkalp Vati for Piles Related Problems

Divya Arshkalp Vati

Piles also known as hemorrhoids is said to affect atleast one in four people around the world. Both men and women are prone to this condition wherein the blood vessels around the back passage get swollen which in turn leads to pain and bleeding. Piles vary in sizes and can be found both inside and outside the anus. In US, atleast, half of the population suffers from the problem and about 5% of the adults are sure to have this problem at some point or the other.

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Divya Gokshuradi Guggulu 40gm


Urinary tract infection (UTIs) bothers countless people across the globe. It usually happens when bacteria, particularly, E. coli clings to urethra and begins to multiply.

Swami Ramdev Medicines for Sciatica, Cervical Spondylitis and Back Pain


Cervical Spondylitis

Spondylitis is a nightmare for many people, across different age groups. The present conditions of stress at home and work place, the faulty sitting postures and a constantly sedentary lifestyle have contributed to an increasing number of cervical spondylitis incidences. The condition largely includes weakening of the back muscles, thus making it almost impossible to maintain a stern posture without the presence of any external support. It was earlier said that cervical spondylitis cannot be cured. Today, that is not true. Physiotherapy is the major treatment that is used for the treatment of cervical spondylitis. However, coupled with herbal treatment, the pain can be reduced quickly and muscles be strengthened.

Leukoderma / Vitiligo Treatment & Cure



Leukoderma is a common occurrence that has recently started showing off its whitishness among the population at large on a heavier scale. Defining Leukoderma, it is the occurrence and further prevalence of white spots on the skin that might look something like scattered fairness.

Osteoporosis Ayurvedic Patanjali Health Package


Osteoporosis is a bone and joint ailment that has driven thousands of individual nuts. This condition generally occurs post middle age when the calcium content in bones and joints spontaneously decreases. As an after-effect, bones become less dense and brittle. Osteoporosis patients often complain of rattling bones and easy fracture even in the most impossible conditions. Due to the weakness and pain in joints, mobility becomes a major problem. Joints become stiff and more than often, the lubricating gel that is instrumental in joint movements; dries off. This produces a creaking effect on joints, causing excruciating pain while movements.

Cancer Ayurvedic Medicines



For years, medical fraternity across the globe has been perplexed by one condition and that is none another than Cancer. Globally, 7.3 million people die every year due to cancer. What’s more, atleast 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer accounts for more deaths than tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria combined. Fortunately, Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev has come up with an entire package for cancer. It not only helps boost the immunity but also alleviates the symptoms of cancer. Let’s understand more about these medicines.

Baba Ramdev Medicines for Oligospermia, Low sperm count and Other Genital Diseases in Men


This condition pesters men at the higher age groups all around the world. Oligospermia involves the lowering of sperm count and a rapid loss of libido, coupled with poor seminal volume and quality. All these things together lead to something that we better recognize as male impotency. Embarrassment in some parts of the world and frustrating in others, Oligospermia does more than curbing physical desires. It is instrumental in disturbing marital lives of many a couples around the globe.

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Benefits of Package of medicine for Asthma, Rhinitis, Coryza and Sinusitis


Asthma is a grave condition that a considerable world populace chunk suffers from currently. It is an acute condition that causes terrible agony to the person who suffers as well as to the ones who care for the illed. The condition is frequently triggered worse with environmental factors that act as motivating agents to asthma. The episodes of extreme difficulty in breathing are pitiable when they strike and under chronic conditions, could be taxing to life as well! Generally, allopath combined with exercises; are prescribed by specialists. However, going herbal, coupled with a religious following of Yogic postures is the best way to overcome the situation.

Psoriasis & Eczema Herbal Package


Worldwide psoriasis and eczema affect millions of people. Eczema affects about 10 % to 20 % of the people on this planet whereas approximately 125 million people suffer from psoriasis globally. These chronic skin conditions can get worse if not tackled on time. If you have been bothered by those red itchy rashes, its better you do something about it. Humidity can worsen your situation. The Package for Psoriasis & Eczema from Divya Pharmacy is an effective natural remedy for these conditions. Read on to find out more about these medicines.