Herbal Packages for Male Problem

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Diabates Packages - Normal Blood Sugar / Pancreatic support

Sugar is the basic taste of life. Is diabetes demanding this sweetness and making your life tasteless? Then treat it in the care of Mother Nature with our Diabetes Pack. More »

Heart Blockage / High Cholesterol Packages

A healthy heart, throbbing with happiness and love is something we all cherish. Make this part of your body skip and bump with life! Use our herbal heart remedy package. More »

Kidney / Renal Herbal Packages

Our kidneys are filters of our body. It is a good idea to keep them in good conditions. Help your kidneys live the life they deserve, with our renal package. More »

Slimming Packages

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Hridayamrita Vati (Heart Care)

Hridayamrita VatiAs the name suggests; Hridayamrita Vati acts like an amrita for our heart. This is one of the best remedies to fight different heart problems in effective manners.

Ingredients: Hridayamrita Vati is prepared with the following organic components that are mixed in apt proportions:

  1. Amrita
  2. Ashwagandha
  3. Arjuna bark extracts
  4. Citraka
  5. Akik

Arshkalp Vati for Natural Piles Disease Cure


Many patients suffering from internal, external or intro-external piles usually make use of the traditional medicines few of which often result in adverse effects. Arshkalp Vati has been introduced under the ayurvedic system that aims at treating and preventing the disease.

Ajamodadi Choorna


Many people suffer from pains in their joints while few are affected with indigestion and abdominal disorders. Many of the conventional types of medicines including the allopathic ones usually put adverse effects. That’s where Ayurveda provides risk-free medicines including Ajamodadi Choorna.

Kesh Kanti Hair Shampoo (200g x 2)


Hair, the vital part of the body plays a great role in beautification of the men and the women that take pride in thick, long and smooth hair. Persons suffering from any hair problems are advised to make use of Kesh Kanti Shampoo that treats the hair in natural manners without involving any side effects.

Madhukalp vati (Useful in Diabetes Mellitus)


Divya Madhukalp vati is an apt and safe remedy for those who suffer from the problem of diabetes or high blood sugar. It helps in controlling the level of sugar or glucose in the blood so that the frequency of attacks of diabetes may be reduced. It helps in pacing up the glucose metabolism in the body so that the same may be completely consumed up and made available in the form of energy for various physical functions.

Divya Amla Churna (Herbal Vitamin C) Digestion Problems


Large numbers of people take traditional types of medicines for various diseases few of which often result in adverse effects. However, the ayurvedic medicines including Amla Choorna are free from side effects.

Prepared with the Amla Powder, this wonderful herbal medicine is the best remedy to get rid of various ailments. Baba Ramdev Ji has also facilitated this product by the name, Divya Amla Choorna.