Menorrhagia (Heavy Menstruation)

1 Month Package of Menorrhagia by Swami Ramdev Medicines

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Package Ingredients

1. Divya Praval Pishti 10 gm
2. Divya Kaharwa Pishti 10 gm
3. Divya Giloy Sat 10 gm
4. Divya Mukta Pishti 4 gm
5. Divya Vasantakusumakara Ras 1 gm
6. Divya Stri rasayana vati 40 gm

Mode of Administration


Dosage : 1 Month

Menorrhagia is a problem that is prevalent among an extensive number of women in the world. It is a condition wherein the sufferer undergoes heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycles, often coupled with an unnaturally long menstrual occurrence. This causes substantial loss of blood, extreme cramps in some cases and weakness. There is discomfort throughout the days when menses are on. There are allopathic drugs that attend to the various symptoms of Menorrhagia. They however, leave ample side-effects to make things worse for the future. The reproductive system often gets addicted to these drugs and this addiction causes an inhabituation towards treatment and responsiveness through chemical medication. A natural treatment, as such is a boon.

The concept

The herbal package for Menorrhagia is a collection of long acknowledged herbal extracts that helps in relaxing and nourishing the female reproductive system and in bringing hormonal levels back to normal. Most menstrual problems have their roots in hormonal imbalances in the body. Hence, bringing hormonal levels to normal and keeping them in perfect balance helps solve menstrual discomforts right from their roots. The concept of the package is dependent on this very balancing phenomenon.

The uses

  • The most apparent use of this herbal package is to get rid of excessive menstrual secretions. However, that is not all it does. There are several other benefits attached to the herbal extracts.
  • It is effective in conditions when there are irregular periods for an extended duration. Irregular periods often bring with themselves scores of other complications.
  • It is an extremely effective cure for overall weakness of the female body. The female reproductive system is extremely factorial in deciding other peripheral body actions in females. A weak reproductive system can lead to discomforts and future complications.
  • It is instrumental in girls who suffer from acute pain and discomfort in the abdomen during periods. There are other associated problems like heavy breasts and a baggy kind of feeling in the lower abdomen. There are acute mood swings as well. A regular dosage of this herbal package helps in relief in this condition.
  • White discharge from the vagina is another disturbing condition that is corrected by consumption of these herbal extracts.
  • Libido and performance in bed are also improved through the continual use of these drugs.

The benefits

  • Their natural origin enable these package constituents to bring discomforting conditions under control without causing any long term or short term side effect.
  • The sufferer might continue the usage of the medication till the point she is assured of complete elimination of the problem.
  • Besides targeting specific causes, these herbs also improve the general body conditions of the user.

Dosage and recommendations

Dosage has to be decided by an experienced medicinal practitioner. As far as recommendations are concerned, women subjecting themselves to the herbal treatment need to keep themselves away from spicy, fried and processed food. A lot of water must be included in the daily diet and food items that keep the system cleansed and cool should be made primary in the diet.


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