Ajamodadi Choorna

Many people suffer from pains in their joints while few are affected with indigestion and abdominal disorders. Many of the conventional types of medicines including the allopathic ones usually put adverse effects. That’s where Ayurveda provides risk-free medicines including Ajamodadi Choorna.

Prepared by mixing the original herbal ingredients in apt proportions; Ajamodadi Choorna is much beneficial as under:

Persons suffering from pains in their joints are relived from the same. Enriched with the minerals and iron; this amazing Choorna works wonders.

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Anyone affected with indigestion is benefited from the acute pains and other problems related to his or her stomach.

Ajamodadi Choorna helps to strengthen the joins and bones.

Digestive system is energized with its even use.

Menopause women also get sufficient relief from brittle bones.

It helps in convenient movements of the joints and bones.

People taking Ajamodadi Choorna on regular basis are got rid from the ill effects of indigestion and other related problems.

This amazing herbal Choorna proves its worth to give quick relief to the patients without affecting them in any adverse manners.

Dosage – Two or four grams twice a day. It may be taken with hot milk or water after taking the meals.
2 Qty (100g) – $22

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