Amalaki Rasayan

Enriched with vitamins and minerals; Amalaki Rasayan has great significance in the ayurvedic treatment. It helps to rejuvenate and revitalize various parts of the body. Persons suffering from respiratory disorders are treated well with its regular use.

Different benefits of Amalaki Rasayan are as under:

  • A great source of vitamin C, Amalaki Rasayan helps to improve the eye vision. Different eye problems are set aright with it.
  • Anyone suffering from constipation, acidity and indigestion should try this herbal product that clears the toxic substances.
  • Regular use of this product strengthens the immunity and the users are able to fight the diseases.
  • It helps to synthesize the protein in the muscles that are strengthened.
  • It acts like a strong anti-aging agent.
  • Menopausal effects on the body are managed with its even use.
  • Hair roots and the scalp get strengthened with Amalaki Rasayan that helps to get rid of rashes, skin wrinkles, premature graying of hair and spilt ends etc.
  • Contents of calcium in Amalaki Rasayan help to enjoy freedom from tooth decay.
  • Heart problems are also managed well with its use as it helps to get rid of blood clots.
  • Urinary track problems can also be controlled with Amalaki Rasayan.

One or two teaspoons of Amalaki Rasayan are the recommended dose. It should be taken empty stomach with water.


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