Divya Ashwshila Capsules

The perfect Ayurvedic formula for a healthy stress-less life, that is exactly how you define Ashwshila. The miracle remedy helps correct many kinds of diseases related to ageing and a strainous life. General weakness and a subdued sexual stamina find immediate cures in this miracle drug. Throughout this article, we would talk about the benefits, uses and usage patterns of Ashwashila capsules.

The concept behind The basic concept of this Ayurvedic medicine is apparent from the way it has been named. It is a combination of Ashwagandha and Shilajit, both of which are age-old acknowledged remedies for general weakness and sexual stamina in men. In combination, both prove to be an amazing cure to problems like lowered immunity, lowered libido, lethargic performance on bed and general weakness that comes from stress and mental taxation due to workplace pressure. Chronic conditions of the stature of acute Asthma and Diabetes also find cure in Ashwshila. This herbal product from the house of Indian medicines is a panacea for almost everything. The uses

  • Both the ingredients of Ashwshila contain Aphrodisiac qualities. Meaning, they help strengthen the male reproductive system and improve any kind of ill conditions in it. That might include problems starting from nightfall to lowered libido. Sperm count increases and so does the semen volume. The blood flow to the male genital organ is smoothened out better so that mating stays long and better. Greater semen volume and increased sperm count increases fertility value of the person taking Ashwshila medication regularly.
  • Secondly, Shilajit is a herbochemical that contains the goodness of herbs, combined with the mineral inputs of rocks. The combination makes it a terrific remedy to lowered immunity and a resultant proneness to diseased conditions. General weakness, that erupts from the day to day exposure of the body and mind to stressful home and work life is significantly brought down by the regular consumption of Ashwshila
  • Ashwagandha is a powerful cure to chronic and acute diseases like Diabetes and Asthma. It also helps keep the metabolism under perfect working conditions. When the body’s metabolic cycle is strengthened, root causes of diseases and allergies are washed out. This brings an end to even the incurable stages of these diseases.

The benefits

  • The capsules are sources of natural rejuvenants. They bring health to strained out body cells so that tissues and muscles stay healthy.
  • Since it is absolutely herbal, side effects are nil. As such, you can as well say good bye to the allopathic medication that you are currently surviving on. Ayurveda has a better solution.
  • Since the ingredients target chronic conditions right at their roots, it is the cause that is wiped out, not the symptoms. When that is the case, chances are, once cured, these diseased conditions would not recur.

Dosage and recommendation 2 capsules, twice a day, after meals, accompanied by a glass of milk is the most widely recommended dosage pattern for Ashwshila capsules. Along with regular medication, it is also recommended to make required changes in one’s lifestyle habits in order to make the most out of this miraculous drug.


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