Diabecon for Normal Blood Sugar and Lipid Metabolism Levels

Type II Diabetes, or Diabetes mellitus has it clutches, strongly entrapping millions of people the world over. Most of them seek help in modern allopathic medication in the form of external feeding of insulin to the body. However, it must be remembered that the action of this artificial insulin, being inserted into the body, is temporary and short-lived. A dose of insulin has to be take either prior to diet, so that assimilation of free sugar in the blood is totally prohibited in advance; or the dosage is taken immediately after the meal so that the sugar that has been ingested is immediately digested, leaving no trace of free sugar in the blood. A better option however, is to resort to natural treatment of diabetes.

There are scores of herbal medicines available in the market that promise to give stunning results in restoring normal blood sugar levels in the body. A trusted name is however, the best deal! One of the pioneers of herbal medicines in the world, Himalaya, has a wonderful product, Diabecon. Diabecon is highly effective in dealing with the root cause of type II diabetes and eliminating its symptoms completely. The following properties make it the best natural treatment for diabetes:

  • It reduces the level of glycated hemoglobin levels in the blood. Glycated hemoglobin is the type of hemoglobin that is commonly found among patients suffering from diabetes mellitus.
  • It reduces the incidence of microalbuniurea. As the name suggests, this is a condition, wherein, the amount of sugar in blood starts affecting the kidneys negatively. In fact, it is a marker in the detection of renal problems among patients with type II diabetes.
  • The glycogen content in the liver and muscles is increased naturally, thus reducing the probability of presence of free sugar in blood. Moreover, peripheral utilization of glycogen is enhanced.
  • Complications in the small and large blood vessels are effectively taken care of by Diabecon. Thi sis because when normal blood sugar levels are maintained naturally, pressure on blood vessels is tremendously reduced.

Basic ingredients of Diabecon

Diabecon is a completely natural formulation. The herbs that have been used in its production are highly effective in curing the most extreme cases of Diabetes mellitus. The following constituent herbs make it the best natural treatment for diabetes:

  • Gymnema – This herb has been proven to have magical anti-diabetic properties. Apart from naturally keeping blood sugar levels under check, a component in this herb manipulates the taste for sugar and reduces the craving to consume sweets. Thus, sugar intake naturally gets reduced.
  • Indian Kino Tree – a chemical component in this herb acts as enzyme regulator. It balances the enzymes that are responsible for carbohydrate metabolism in the body, thus bringing back normal conditions.
  • Shilajeet – It functions on the liver cells and reduces glucose production in the blood.

Dosage of Diabecon:

It should be best to leave the dosage part to your physician.


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