Cancer Ayurvedic Medicines


For years, medical fraternity across the globe has been perplexed by one condition and that is none another than Cancer. Globally, 7.3 million people die every year due to cancer. What’s more, atleast 12.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer accounts for more deaths than tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria combined. Fortunately, Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev has come up with an entire package for cancer. It not only helps boost the immunity but also alleviates the symptoms of cancer. Let’s understand more about these medicines.

The concept behind

Currently, the drugs available in the market for cancer produce long-lasting side effects on the human body. The idea behind packages of medicine for cancer is to treat this condition naturally without having any harmful effects on the body. As a herbal treatment for cancer, these medicines prevent cancer cell malignancy. All the medicines in this package are 100% organic and do not have any adverse effects on the body similar to chemotherapy or radiation therapy. One can also take these medicines along with other cancer drugs.

The uses

This package of medicines for cancer consists of divya kaya-kalp kwatha, sanjivani vati, mukta pisti, giloy sat, kanchanar guggulu, abhraka bhasma and many more. Acting as a herbal remedy, this package of medicines ensures a normal functioning of the body cells, reduces pain, strengthens muscles and also provides necessary nutrition to the body.

The benefits

  • Helps in blood purification
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Helps prevent liver cancer
  • Removes tumours from the body
  • Cuts down the growth of tumours
  • Excellent remedy for cervical & breast cancer


Package Ingredients
Dosage : 1 Month

Price : $ 62.99


Dosage & recommendationsIt’s advisable to consult one of the experienced Ayurvedic practitioners before taking these medicines. A professional practitioner, depending on your health conditions, will accordingly prescribe the dosage. Besides taking these medicines for cancer treatment, here are some effective home remedies to combat cancer –

  • Regular intake of Aloe-Vera juice has excellent effects on the body. It has some remarkable anti-cancer qualities.
  • Herbal tea is equally beneficial because it has anti-oxidants.
  • Having milk thistle regularly can help reduce the side-effect of cancer therapies.
  • Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A act as scavengers to cancer tissues.
  • Vitamin D, in the form of UV radiation from sun, also helps reduce the multiplication of cancer cells.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and practicing yoga regularly also helps fight cancer. Cancer takes a huge toll on one’s immunity when it strikes. Therefore adopting a healthy diet plan is also important for the treatment of cancer.


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