Charak NEO Tablets for Nightfall Problem

Nightfall, or Nocturnal Secretion is a common problem in an extensive number of males all around the world. The result – a lot of frustration, embarrassment and on top of everything, a lot of physical stress! Plainly describing, nightfall is the process of ejaculation without being excited physically, just by the occurrence of certain thoughts that provoke sexuality. Generally, a male does not ejaculate until and unless there is penile stimulation. Nightfall, however, occurs prematurely and can lead to a lot of complicated situations. A gynecologist would prescribe a long list of allopathic medication in order to correct the problem of nightfall. But allopathic and chemical drugs have their share of side-effects. A better way to deal with the situation is through natural means. Charak NEO tablets are the ultimate herbal solution against nightfall.


Charak NEO tablets contain herbal extracts of Asparagus racemosus, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Eclipta alba and Allium cepa. All these magical herbs have a wonderful effect on the male body. Apart from anything else, it induces rest and peace. It acts as a sedative without he addictive effects that one can find in a chemical sedative or an anti-depressant. Secondly, it increases the controlling power over one’s bladder. With increased harmony in the body, better blood circulation, anti depressant effect and greater voluntary power over one’s own body, nocturnal emission becomes an increasingly less common phenomenon. The good point about this herbal drug is that it does not reduce the urge for sexuality in any ways! It just treats the over sexuality by putting the brain at peace and inducing deep sleep!

There are however certain rules to be followed while taking dosages of Charak NEO tablets. Alcohol, tobacco and excess salt are a strict no-no. For best results, it is advisable to maintain a good routine of sleep-wake cycle. Include as much green leafy vegetables as you can in your diet. Protein-rich food can be of great help in deciding the effectivity of medication. Milk and ghee are also useful. The dosage is generally 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. For best results, continue the medication till 2 months.

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    Treatment for eject sex by urine at the time constipations and for night fall


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