Divya Kesh Kanti Shampoo

Silky smooth hair is everything we all want. And to get that, we seem to be using all kinds of chemical formulations, shampoos and conditioners. The result? hair health seems to be deteriorating and scalp tends to become weaker and degrade. The chemical have a long lasting negative effect on the scalp and hair and sometimes, the extensive use of chemical shampoos can lead to as grave conditions as baldness and patchy scalp. Dandruff is also a common occurrence on a scalp that becomes dry and unprotected as a result of overuse of chemical shampoo. Many shampoo brands boast of herbal ingredients, but most of these claims seem to be nullified when the final effect on hair and scalp is measured.

The Divya Kesh kanti shampoo from the experienced herbal prescription of Swami Ramdev comes as a rescue in such conditions. This shampoo contains natural or better stated, herbal ingredients like heena, amla, reetha, bacuchi, bhringaraj, giloy, shikakai, neem, haldi and aloe vera. All these magical herbs have a very calming effect on the scalp and solve almost all problems related to hair fall and weal scalp. It is a natural solution for lice and ticks and treats fungal infections very effectively. Dandruff, a widespread form of scalp infection is also treated effectively using the Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo.

Hair become better maintained, silky and denser. The roots are granted better health. Stronger roots promise stronger strands. As a result, hair fall becomes much less of a problem. The Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo can be used like any other regular shampoo. Since it is herbal and nourishing, side effects are nil and it can be used to wash the scalp whenever the need arises.

The Divya Kesh Kanti shampoo works best when used with herbal oil. Diet needs to be more proper and consisting of less synthetic elements. Including protein in diet helps a lot and enhances the effect of this shampoo. On prolonged usage, you would find that your scalp has become suppler and tends to stay moist and nourished for a longer duration of time.

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