Divya Kesh Taila (Ayurvedic Hair Oil) Stop Hairfall and Dandruff Problem

Who does not want a healthy growth of hair to crowd the scalp? It is a symbol of beauty, health and wellness and obviously, people with healthy hair are viewed with more love and respect as compared to their bald counterparts. Hair related problems can stem out because of many things, starting from exposure of the hair strands to extreme pollution and harmful radiations of the sun, and stretching to distressing causes like infection of the scalp and malnourished roots. Since we were kids, we have been hearing our elders tell tales about the goodness of natural oils and shampoos and how a herbal oil massage can do wonders! But today, in this age of adulteration, where do we find a pure herbal oil that can benefit the scalp without having hideous side-effects? Well, Divya Kesh taila is the answer!

With herbal sources like Amla, Bhringa-raja, Brahmi, Daru haridra, Kamal, Ketaki, Jata Mamsi, Lodhra, Gunja, Naga-Kesara and Sesame oil, the Divya Kesh taila is known to display wonderful effects in fighting all kinds of hair related problems. Most of hair issues are cause by a weak or diseased scalp. The oil attends to this cause and gifts premium life to the scalp. It helps fight infections and graces irritated scalp cells with calmness. Not only this, it fights grey hair and hair-fall to a large extent and promotes thickening of each strand. Roots become better nourished and due to the increased root strength, hair fall to a less extent even when entangled. On the whole, hair become shiny, soft and healthy without the use of any kind of cosmetic product!

This oil also helps in treating infected scalp. Fungal infections, including chronic cases of dandruff can also be treated effectively on the regular use of this oil. And what more, it massaging with this oil increases concentration and mental health. Sleep is regularised and headaches are dealt with more effectively.

Massage the oil onto your scalp, taking care that the oil reaches every root effectively. Do not wash of immediately. Let the oil stay on your scalp for a calming effect.


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