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Joints, in the human body, act as vital connections with the bones. These help us move and even offer a valuable support. However, there are chances that pain in joints can cause difficulty in walking or moving. Many of us, experience this, at some point in our lives. Joint pain also known as bursitis is nothing but the inflammation of bursa in our body. Rheumartho has proven to be one of the finest treatments for curing joint pain, frozen shoulder and inflammation caused by sprain. Scientific research has proven that Rheumartho can substantially alleviate chronic pain which is caused by osteoporosis and arthritis.

Made from unique herbo-mineral formula, Rheumartho promises to enhance the flexibility as well as circulation in joints. It helps reduce the stiffness in joints that cause trouble in walking.  Having one tablet twice a day after meals can, indeed, do the trick for you! Rheumartho has also proven to be quite effective for the treatment of swelling that is caused by sciatica & oedema. Apart from this, the medicine is said to prevent the development of ‘Pama’ which contributes to painful joints. It even helps get rid of constipation. Amazing isn’t it!

Some of the key ingredients in this herbal remedy include the following –

  • Ashvagandha Churna (Withania Somnifera)
  • Chopchini (Smilex china)
  • Swarnamakshik Bhasma
  • Nirgundi (Vitex nenegundo)
  • Shodhit Shilajeet
  • Amavatari Ras
  • Kuchala (Strychnos Nux Vomica)
  • Dashmool Churna
  • Salai Guggulu (Boswellia serrata)

Besides taking Rheumartho for curing joint pains, you can simultaneously rely on some home remedies as well. Practicing yoga such as the gomukh asana can contribute a lot to reducing joint pains. Further, you can even massage joints with camphor and olive oil. Having a warm water bath, perhaps, is the best way to alleviate pain resulting from sore joints. Eat lots of fruits and freshly cooked vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. Banana, in particular, has shown exceptional qualities to bring back the lost nutrients that result in painful joints. It can help you immensely in restoring the bone-health. With a regular intake of Rheumartho and by adopting a healthier life-style, you can easily cure joint pains.


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