Baidyanath Supari Pak

Introduction –  Baidyanath Supari Pak is an elixir for the female body. Containing herbal elements like Puga, Sarkara, Musta, Madhu, Tejpatra and Satavari, this Ayurvedic medicine treats almost every illness related to the female body. Starting from balancing the secretion and distribution of progesterone, the female hormone to increasing sexual desire, despite the effect of age, Baidyanath Supari Pak does it all! It attends to healing of the female reproductive system and alleviates pre and post menstrual symptoms.

Dosage – An administration of 2 teaspoonfuls of the pak, 2 times a day along with milk is desirable.

Packaging – 100 grams

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2 Qty Supari Pak (100gm/Bottle)

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