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What exactly are erection problems?

Many males across the world have this terrible problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is caused by age, hormonal changes, stress and less commonly, because of heredity. Here-in, you face utter inconvenience in achieving full erection during intercourse, resulting in long drawn dysfunctionalities like infertility and lowered libido. In some cases, it can be very embarrassing and frustrating for both the partners. Apart from the inability to achieve a full erection, the problem might also refer to a condition, wherein, the erection cannot be maintained for the entire duration of intercourse. Diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses that interfere with the proper circulation of blood can also be responsible for erectile dysfunction.

What causes defective sperm production?

Defective sperm production is another potent reason for widespread male infertility. Sperms are produced outside the main human body, in the testicles. The temperature at which sperms are produced is some 2 degrees below the normal body temperature. Now, this temperature is extremely crucial in determining the uninterrupted production of sperms. Other factors that influence the quality and quantity of sperms put out in each seminal ejaculation are age and hormones. Low testosterone levels after 50 years of age, degrades the quality of sperms. It is extremely important to maintain healthy sperm production to avoid male impotence.

Early orgasms and premature ejaculation

Yet another cause of a pestering and frustrating bed life! Early orgasm and premature ejaculation are far from being disorders! They are just the result of getting exited too quickly, even before your partner gets heated up. Well, these are prime tormentors during an early age and old age is definitely a follower! The causes could be, most commonly, long gaps between sexual sessions, psychological and physiological stresses and in a few rare cases, medical side effects. Early orgasms are the achievement of climax even before the complete stimulation of the partner. In most cases, men learn to delay orgasms and control their ejaculation with practice. Distraction during sex, staying calm, meditation and exercise of the PC muscles are some ways to escape premature ejaculation and early orgasms.

Orgy oil-1Orgy oil

For those who have a small penile length, and face frequent erectile problems, orgy oil is like a panacea. This is a herbal oil made from many exotic spices and herbs that help in hardening and lengthening the male sex organ. You can get a harder and longer erection by the regular use of this oil! There are no fixed rules as to when this oil needs to be massaged on to your penis. You can use it twice a day for most favorable results. After around 4-6 weeks of regular use, you will find a wonderful difference – Erection like never before!

spemanHimalaya Speman

Another magical product from the house of Himalaya, Speman has a wonderful herbal drug to enhance sperm production. Made from effective herbs like Hygrophilia and Cowhage Speman increases the sense of pleasure in men and better the quality of the semen and sperm. The extracts from these two herbs actually contain anti-oligospermic quality. This deals with the low sperm count problem in one ejaculative phase. Apart from this, testosterone levels are also heightened by the regular use of this drug.

YauvanaamritDivya Yauvanamrit Vati

Another herbal way to bat impotency and male problems! These pills are made up entirely from herbal substances. Yauvanaamrit acts as an aphrodisiac and a spermatogenetic. These properties enable it to heighten libido and enhance sperm count and quality. The herbal extracts present in this medicine also help in achieving better blood circulation. When the circulation is better, erectile problems are catered to in a better way. Yauvanaamrit also increases strength and promotes youth. Its antioxidative properties help in rejuvenating the entire system, thus creating better conditions for sexual intercourse.

Shilajit satShilajit sat

This is an amazing herbo-mineral that is naturally available in the heights of the Himalayas. An accommodator of seven healing minerals, Shilajit sat is highly helpful in treating seminal disorders. It enhances the seminal volume, making it thick and crowding it with greater sperm count. It is also an unmatched rejuvenator of the body. Besides taking care of sexual issues, Shilajit is also known to promote overall health and wellness in the body.

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