Package for Gastric Trouble and Flatulence Herbal Medicines

Flatulence? Burpy tummy? Burning guts? Vomiting? Headaches? Are these terms something that you commonly complain of? Well, then you might be a frequent sufferer of Gastritis! And you are not alone in the list! There are thousands of people more all around the world who are regular visit homes for all these terrible symptoms. The credit goes to our devastated lifestyles and an uncontrollable urge to consume rubbish.


Stress, work pressure and tension also happily contribute their generous partings into the fantastic gaseous cocktail. There are many humble tablets and chewing pills that throng the market and claim to attend gastritis problems. These chemical medications however weaken the system and make it dependent on artificial cure. As such, it is far more advisable to take shelter with herbal medications for the cure of gastritis.

The concept

The package for gastritis consists of sagely herbal extracts that hit the problem direct on head. They smoothen the delicate mucous membrane of the digestive tract, which goes largely damaged by the acidic secretions in out stomach. Further, since they are herbal in nature, they provide a strong immunity effect to the cells of the digestive tract so that they can withstand the continued effect of acidic gases and bile. The herbal formula in the package serves as the perfect cure for gastritis.

The uses

  • The herbal extracts help in nullifying the effect of the acidic gases that are produced in the stomach as a result of gastritis.
  • It brings down the extent to which bitter and burning gases are produced in the gut. Apart from decreasing the problem of filthy flatulence, it also serves the purpose of relieving abdominal cramps.
  • Vomiting due to the regurgitation of stomach acids is a common phenomenon in patients suffering from gastritis. While this might seem petty on the surface, delay in treatment to this condition can lead to as harsh conditions as oesophageal ulcers. The herbal extracts reduce the problem of regurgitation and hence bring a permanent solution to these kinds of grave conditions.
  • Sleepiness, lethargy and general weakness are some other conditions that are deeply entwined with gastritis. The herbal extracts provide strength and stamina to the body. Metabolism improves to a large extent and gas production is reduced by itself.
  • The delicate mucous membrane around the gut walls play an important role in food digestion and prevention of gas formation. The extracts nourish these membranes thus increasing their resistance to strong acidic gases.

The benefits

  • The most apparent benefit is that the package consists of herbal extracts. It is possible to continue using this package for an elongated period of time, knowing that there would neither be reactions nor addiction in the body.
  • Apart from strengthening the digestive system, it also attends to the general metabolic functions of the body and increases its immunity towards external pathogens.

Dosage and recommendations

It is better to start taking the package constituents after proper consultation with a seasoned practitioner. As far as recommendations are concerned, lifestyle changes bring considerable difference to a lot of body functionalities. A good diet plan with a lot of water are crux to the successful treatment of all stomach related disorders.


Sale Price

$ 17

Name of Medicine

Divya Gaisahara Churna 100 gm

Divya Udarkalp Churna 100 gm





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