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Coronary artery disease – What is it?

Coronary arteries are the main arteries that lead oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles. They are the main paths through which the heart muscles can stay in optimal health and maintain a proper pressure of blood circulation. As the name suggests, a coronary artery disease is the condition, when due to some reason, the coronary arteries get blocked out and blood flow is hindered. Due to the lack of oxygen-rich blood, the heart muscles become inactive irreversibly, leading to heart attacks or cardiac arrests/infarctions. Coronary arteries are elastic in nature, and plaque getting deposited on the inner walls of the arteries cause the elasticity to be lost drastically. Blood finds lessened path to flow properly and finally, blood flow to the cardiac muscles stops. This unquestionably causes death. In fact, Coronary artery diseases are the leading causes of death throughout the world.

Defining the terms palpitation and ejection fraction

Palpitations are the abnormal frequencies with which our hearts beat sometimes. Well, palpitations are common and we all experience it at some point of time or the other. Remember when you first climbed up a stage to face a huge audience, how had your heart skipped up? Yes, that is what palpitation is. But when these skippings become a common phenomena, too common to be normal, that is the alarm sign. It means your heart is not in good health. It can be related to some kind of physiological or psychological disorder. Ejection fraction is the amount of blood, every time the heart beats. Generally, this fraction becomes abnormal during palpitations.

High blood cholesterol – the main reason for Coronary disorders

Cholesterol deposits are the main culprits of all kinds of problems related to artery blockage. Cholesterol molecules have a spiky microstructure. Thus, when they are deposited on the inner walls of arteries, the lining cells are irritated. High blood cholesterol leads to extensive cholesterol deposits in the arteries, depriving them of their elasticity. This leads to worsened cardiac conditions. Lost elasticity disables the artery walls to stretch, which aggravates the already lessened oxygenated blood flow.

Coronary infarction is one of the prime claimers of life. Bypass surgeries are becoming common by the day, yet the death toll does not seem to decrease in any way. Lifestyle and food habits can be the prime reasons of cardiac issues and medicines mainly include hypertension relaxants and cholesterol liquidifiers. Allopathic medicines are often costly and once you become addicted to medication, nothing else seems to help. A much better way out is through herbal medication. There are several herbs that have lipid containing and hypertension relaxing properties. Two of such herbal drugs are Divya Hridyamrit Vati and Divya Arjuna Kwath.

heart-careDivya Hridyamrit Vati

This drug, from the pious doors of Swami Ramdev, contains extract of herbs like Amrita, Arjuna, Rasna, Punarnava, Citraka, Guggul, Musta and effective herbo-minerals like Shilajit, Rajata Bhasma, Mukta Pishti, Yahsada Pishti, Shringa Bhasma and Hiraka Bhasma. All these natural ingredients are extremely effective in reducing blood cholesterol and in clearing arteries from plaques deposited since a long time. Arjuna has lipid containing properties, which means fatty acids and tri-glycerides are metabolized in a better manner and blood cholesterol levels are kept under control. Some of these herbs have HDL, which are effective in washing away bad cholesterol from the blood. All this apart, these herbs grant good health and elasticity to the arteries and capillaries so that blood flow to the heart continues in an unhampered manner. Palpitation and angina pain are also dealt with in a wonderful manner. All these properties together, help in clearing blockages and improving cardiac health.

arjuna-kwathDivya Arjuna Kwath

This drug uses mainly the properties of Arjuna in reversing the effects of poor heart conditions. Arjuna acts by route of purifying the blood from various toxicities and unwanted cholesterol molecules. This keeps the blood pressure normal and an unhindered flow of blood to and from the heart is effectively maintained. Arjuna has lipid containing properties. Lipids are released less in the blood and bile is produced to a greater extent to enable the effective digestion of lipids. All these factors together keep the cardiac muscles in a boosted health.

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