Divya Amalaki Rasayana for Immunity, Acidity and Eye Disorders

Amalaki or Amla, known as Indian Gooseberry fruit in layman’s English, is one of the most prominent names to be found in Ayurvedic scriptures. It is said to possess magical properties that can heal all kinds of wounds and attend to every kind of diseased condition. And it truly works wonders in the body if taken on a regular basis. Its countless medicinal properties make it a panacea for all kinds of body ailments. Divya Amalaki Rasayana is a purely herbal product made from pure Amla extract. It does not have place for any chemicals and is extremely effective in its functionality.

Amla is richest in Vitamin C. Now, Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant. It helps in maintaining the body’s immunity at a teeming high, thus creating wonderful conditions for a diseasefree and stressless living. Secondly, it acts as a natural anti-ageing substance, thus grossly increasing cell lives. This increases energy levels and rejuvenates the body to an optimal level. You feel fresh and young.

Another miracle that Amla does is, it takes care of eyes and protects it from daily stress issues. Amla Rasayana contains Vitamin A, the main nutrient that is used in keeping eyes and vision in healthy state. It calms the eyes and sucks out effects of stress from them. A healthy vision is thus guaranteed. Thirdly, Amla acts as a wonderful agent for driving great digestion and assimilation processes. That is why it is often said that consuming dried Amla pieces after meals is a good habit. It freshens up breath and suppresses problems related to hyperacidity. People facing daunting grievances like a burning heart or a burning stomach are often prescribes regular dosages of Amalaki Rasayana. It has a calming effect on the stomach and helps in balancing the secretion of digestive acids in the stomach. Even in cases, as acute as oesophageal ulcers, Amalaki Rasayana is a prime medication ingredient.

Normally, the dosage includes 1-2 teaspoons of Amalaki Rasayana, twice a day, mixed with water on empty stomach. Effects are almost immediate. However, for prolonged benefit, it is wise to continue the usage. After all, a herbal product does not have side-effects!

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