Rumalaya Forte for Joint Care and Muscle

Joint pain and stiff joints & muscles are common problems in old age. The result can really be obnoxious, if such conditions are not taken care of properly, starting from spondylosis and ranging through various stages of arthritis. Pain is a common element in all these conditions. Healthy bones, joints and muscles are the core ingredients for a healthy active living and keeping them in a healthy state is absolutely necessary! Generally, patients with cases of spondylosis or rheumatic arthritis have to undergo intense medical treatments to roughly restore the conditions of normalcy. Sometimes, surgery is the only way out and that too, is supposed to be continued with non-steroidal drugs. The overall effect of all these practices on the body is really shocking and rather than doing any good, these treatments deteriorate the bodily conditions in the long run. Something, that is a natural joint pain remedy, can be of great help in such situations.

Himalaya Herbals has long been a recognized provider of natural medication for different human ailments. Rumalaya  forte is one of those many products! Its herbal ingredients are magical in joint pain remedy and keeping joints in good health.

Main Ingredients of Rumalaya forte:

  • Boswellia (Shallaki) – the gum resin of this herb is truly beneficial in keeping joints in good health and reducing joint pain considerably. Apart from being a joint pain remedy, it also acts positively in reducing joint inflammation and stiffness. The course of its action is through increasing blood supply to the joints. On receiving a fluent blood supply, the cartilage area, or the spongy support that mats the joints becomes healthy and increases in flexibility. Damaged cartilage is common among patients who are on non-steroidal medication for arthritis. An important chemical compound, glycosaminoglycans id degenerated due to allopathic medication in such patients. Boswellia extract helps restore this compound and promoted better joint health.
  • Indian Bdellium (Guggul) – This Indian herb is another natural anti-inflammatory agent. It is also a natural inhibitor of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide has a deteriorating effect on joints and muscles. It is an oxidant and thus causes excessive damage to cartilage cells. By keeping the levels of nitric oxide low in bones, any further damage to the already damaged joints. It is another reason why Rumalaya acts as a natural joint pain remedy.
  • Licorice – Licorice is well known for its anti-inflammatory property. In fact, it helps in relieving pain through its anti-inflammatory action!

Usage of Rumalaya forte

This is solely as directed by your physician. Generally, both pills and tube are available. Pills are a more continual thing to go for! However, the paste can be used at effectively any time when you face immense pain clutching your joint. It provides immediate relief from joint ache and increases flexibility of the joints.


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