Realize your dream of having an acne-free skin with Divya Khaidirarishta

Millions, across the globe, suffer from the most common skin disorder which we call acne. It is a skin condition wherein cysts, pimples and plugged pores find their way either on face, chest, neck or back and shoulders as well. People of all ages become victims of acne and related skin problems at one point or the other in their lives. If you are one among those millions who feel shy & even ashamed because of pimples and acne, you can finally heave a sigh of relief. Divya Khadirarishta promises to be the most effective herbal treatment for getting rid of nasty pimples from the skin.

This herbal remedy has been carefully prepared using Ayurvedic herbs by Patanjali Yogpeeth owned by Baba Ramdev. Since there is no chemical involved, there are no side-effects to using this medicine. Acne is usually caused by an excessive production of oil by the enlarged oil glands in our skin or blockage of hair follicles that discharge oil. Apart from this, when a bacterial called P .acnes manages to get into the hair follicles, you might experience some little boils popping out on your face.

Divya Khaidirarishta has excellent anti-bacterial properties that help you deal with pimples and acne. It acts as a magical potion to purify your blood and remove toxins from the body. As far as its dosage is concerned, you need to have four teaspoonful of this medicine twice a day. You must consume Divya Khadirarishta after lunch (or breakfast) and dinner. Don’t forget to add four teaspoonful of water with it.

Having Divya Khadirarishta on a regular basis not only removes acne from the skin but also adds a glowing touch to your face. You will be simply amazed with the results after having this herbal medicine for a specific period of time. Full of amazing anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties, Divya Khaidirarishta is the ultimate answer to your skin problems such as acne. So, grab a bottle for yourself from an online shop, have regular dosage and see how beautiful your skin looks.


15 thoughts on “Realize your dream of having an acne-free skin with Divya Khaidirarishta

  1. Bimla

    My daughter was suffering from Vitaligo and in India one of Baba Ram Dev Clinic’s suggested me to give my daughter Divya Khaidirarishta. Last two years she was using this medicine with other medicines and she got better. Now only little bit left and now I can’t find this medicine here. Is it possible to supply this medicine by post to me. Could you please guide me via email. Thanks

    • admin Post author

      Dear Bimla
      Thank you for Visiting our website.
      The Postal Dept does not allowed Liquid Items.

      We can ship Khadira Powder or 60 Capsule


  2. vibhuti jain

    I have liken planus skin disorder suggest me medicine

  3. Andeep

    hello i am taking Khadirarishta from 5 months and have not find good results. i have pimples on my face from last 2 yrs,when i take allopathic medicine its stops. but from last 6 months i am taking ayurvedic medicine and taking khadirarishta but daily i take coconut water,neem tablets and M2tone but still cant see good result. pls help

  4. Tulika Agarwal

    i am facing acne problem from past one year. From last four months i am taking kayakalp vati & neembghanvati. From past one week i have started taking khadirishta. Also i am applying divya kanti lep for one hour daily. There is general improvent in complexion and radiance but pimples are still occurring plus i am having lots of white heads. How long should i take all these to have significant results.

    • admin Post author

      Take Arogyavardhini Vati best for skin and digestive system

  5. Dhanashree

    my daughter is suffering from Vitiligo from one year she is taking khadirarishta with Vidangarishta along with Homeopathic medicines. the progress of the spot is not so much but how long does it takes to get full recovery ?

  6. mukesh

    i want to know about wart treatment ..because in my face too many wart

  7. anu

    I have pimples and high pigmentation on my face. i am applying divya kanti lep and aloe vera gel direct from aloe vera plant. plz advice me. it is affecting my life badly. specially pigmentation is really bad,

  8. satish

    I am suffering from digest problm and could not clean stomoch completly. plesse suggest me for clean stomoch completly.
    thank you.

  9. deepali

    respect sir!!!!!!!! i am 20 year old . and i am suffering pimples problems on my face plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. satishs

    Iam using baidyanath khadiraristha last one yearnow my problem littlebit solved.Can i use longtime baidyanath khadiraristha ?

  11. Pavan

    Dear, Sir/ Guruji
    Im suffering from Varicose vain problem, presently Im having ur medicine called khadiraristha,Punarnavarishta twice a day, I bought it from ur shop Patabjali shop, Mlore. weather ther is other medication for Vericose vain problem Plz help me Thanking u…


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