Kidney Failure Packages

What is Kidney Failure?

When kidneys lose their innate ability to flush out waste and extra water, the electrolyte balance in the human body gets disturbed. A decreased urine output, fatigue, shortness of breath and nausea happen to be the prominent signs of Kidney or Renal Failure. Doctors recommend an intense testing of urine, blood, glomerular filtration rate and even a tomography to determine the extent of kidney damage. People suffering from acute kidney failure have two choices – permanent dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Gall Bladder Stones & Renal Stones – What’s the difference?

Bile, the fat-absorbing catalyst of the body is produced by liver and stored in gall bladder.  Stones, formed in bile ducts due to materials like cholesterol and additional toxicity are basically called gall bladder stones. These stones hinder the bile path and thus increase problems related to fat digestion. This leads to problems like extreme abdominal pains.

Renal stones, on the other hand, are the ones formed in kidneys. They hinder the normal action path of kidneys and increase the toxicity in the body. Urine increases in urea content and excruciating pain is experienced in the lower abdomen. Generally, both these kinds of stones are removable by oral medication when the size is small. However, with increasing diameter of stones, surgery becomes ‘no more an option’.

Some Common Urinary Problems

Most of us face some or the other kind of urinary issues including urine retention and incontinence. Many even become the victims of urinary tract infections. The causes of these ailments can include problems in bladder, prostate, pelvic muscles, estrogens deficiencies, and even bladder cancer. It is extremely important to have a correct diagnosis done to find out the exact causes of urinary diseases & problems.

What is a Diuretic?

In medical terms, a diuretic is any substance that facilitates the formation of urine by the kidney. There are different types of diuretics, however, their primary objective is to boost the excretion of water from the human body. Diuretics are widely used for the treatment of hypertension, liver cirrhosis, kidney ailments and heart failure. Acetazolamide, a diuretic, helps make urine more alkaline-rich.

Renal diseases affect millions of people across the globe. Since kidneys are the prime organs that facilitate passing out if toxicity from the body in dissolved form, any damage to the kidneys, in any form can cause serious implications throughout the body. Kidney stones are just a part of these problems. An extremely uncomfortable state to be in, kidney stones, more than often, require surgerical measures to be completely removed and taken care of. It is a costly and bothering process of course! A better cure is with Nature! Here are described three miraculous products, completely natural in their origin, that help remove kidney stones and provide due protection against any future occurrence of renal problems.

Divya Asmarihar RasDivya Asmarihar Ras

With ingredients like Hazrool-yasood bhasm, Kalmi shora, Yavkshar, Mulikshar and Shwet Parpati; Divya Asmarihar Ras does wonders in sourcing stones out through the urinary tract. The ingredients used in this medicine have diuretic properties. These make it an ideal solution for all kinds of renal complications, painful urination, burning sensation and strain on kidneys. Kidney and urinary tract infection are also duly taken care of. Swelling of kidneys during any kind of infection and the subsequent abdominal pain can also be handled in a wonderful manner, if Divya Asmarihar Ras is used regularly. As for the dosage, it needs to be taken twice a day while the stomach is empty.

Punarnava Mandoor

When the kidneys face hindrances in functionality, water tends to accumulate in the body along with increased concentrations of toxicity. This causes and overall swelling of the body and the vital organs, leading to a condition of edema. Punarnava Mandur is basically responsible for treating this water retention problem in the body. Swollen feet, water bags below the eyes, Anasarca, blood pressure, fatty liver and anemia are rightly treated using Punarnava Mandur.

Divya Vrikkdoshhar Vati

This medicine benefits in chronic situations when there is an increased possibility of kidney failure and renal infection. Kidney stones are also positively affected by this medicine. It needs to be taken regularly in a dosage of 2 tablets, twice a day after meals.

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