Leukoderma / Vitiligo Treatment & Cure


Leukoderma is a common occurrence that has recently started showing off its whitishness among the population at large on a heavier scale. Defining Leukoderma, it is the occurrence and further prevalence of white spots on the skin that might look something like scattered fairness. The limb or area on which it occurs is not fixed, meaning it can occur anywhere on the body. The main reason behind the condition is the disappearance of the color-conferring pigment, melanin, from the area where the white spot has occurred. The causes of the condition could be many. Harmful sunrays and chemical exposure are two of them. It was earlier believed that Leukoderma cannot be treated. With advances in Science, that has become an obsolete concept.

The concept behind

The Leukoderma package is a combination of acknowledged herbal elements that have been known to our forefathers to be helpful in treating the lowering of melanin volumes. Infections and inflammations of the skin are also corrected by the same package of herbal drugs. Combined with diet specifications, this package can prove to be miraculous in the treatment of skin problems of all kinds.

The uses

  • It is not just Leukoderma that finds its cure in the herbal package. This combination is known to cure skin allergies and defiant conditions that find many side-effects if treated by an allopathic means.
  • The lost glow of the skin is brought back without the use of any chemical utilization. When taken regularly, the package also contributes to considerable increase in fairness.
  • The resistance to skin infections and the harm that exposure to ultra-violet rays cause, is increased by the continuous administration of drugs in this package.

The benefits

  • Since it is an absolutely herbal composition in the picture, side effects are barely any. As such, it is possible to continue the medication for a considerably long period of time.
  • The herbal ingredients nourish the skin apart from eradicating the symptoms of Leukoderma. Thus, your skin would stay naturally glowing and magnificent.


Dosage and recommendations

It is recommended that certain changes in diet be brought about while the administration of Leukoderma package is on. Certain nutrients like Vitamin C are supposed to be kept away from the daily food consumption and medication has to be supported by appropriate Yogic postures.

Dosage would be in accordance to the prescription of a certified Ayurvedic practitioner.


Sale Price

$ 59.50

Name of Medicine

1. Divya Kayakalp Vati 20 gm

2. Divya Amrit / Giloya sat 20 gm

3. Divya Shuddh Bavchi Churna 50 gm

4. Divya Kaya-Kalpa Taila 100 ml

5. Divya Svitraghna Lepa 100 gm







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