Package for Hepatitis A, B, and C

Liver problems are a growing occurrence amongst a significant chunk of the world population and Hepatitis is one of the most difficult of all of them. Prevalent in three forms, A, B and C-1, Hepatitis is common culprit for fatal conditions of many who contract the disease. The main symptoms include bulging up of the liver and reduced capacity to process fats in the body, thus resulting in increased fat deposits in the blood stream. It is a painful and frightening situation and bearing for long with this condition might lead to graver complications. Though there are several allopathic medications available to bring this condition under control, a herbal way is the best means to correct it.

The concept behind

The Hepatitis package contains herbal extracts that are helpful in correcting faulty conditions of the liver. It is actually a combination of some of the most acknowledged Ayurvedic sources that helps the liver cells become healthy, improves metabolism of the cells and help the liver secrete bile that is helpful in fat digestion. The swelling thus subsides along with a spooning down of the fat level in the blood. Having eradicated the basic causes of Hepatitis, these extracts help improve the overall liver condition.

The uses

  • Most importantly, as the name suggests, it helps improve hepatitis conditions, all the three grave kinds, for that matter.
  • It promotes the fat digesting capability of the liver cells by imparting natural health and immunity.
  • It increases bile production, thus reducing the fat concentration in the blood. The blood stays purified and undergoes an improvement in circulation.
  • The herbal extracts help in the regeneration of liver cells, thus helping maintain rejuvenation and health.

The benefits

  • First, it is completely herbal, so there are no side effects, no matter how long you take it for!
  • The herbal extracts attack the cause of the condition. So it is not about washing away the symptoms, it is about getting rid of the problem from its roots.
  • It does away with the weakness that a hepatitis patient feels due to the immature metabolism in the body.

Dosage and recommendations

It can be taken twice a day after meals. It is recommended that significant and healthy changes be brought about in your diet and lifestyle in order to make the package work best in your favour. Its time to change for the better!


Sale Price

$ 80.99

Name of Medicine

Divya Sarvkalp Kvath 300 gm

Divya Praval Panchamrita 10 gm

Divya Kasees Bhasma 5 gm

Divya Swarnmakshika Bhasma 5 gm

Amrta Sattva 10 gm

Divya Svarna Basanta Malati 3 gm

Divya Udaramrit Vati 40 gm

Divya Arogyavardhini Vati 40 gm

Divya Punarnavadi Mandoor 40 gm

Divya Totla Kwatha 300 gm




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