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Liver – an exceptionally important part of the human body, one of the biologically vital organs! A significant proportion of the world population, today, suffers from some or the other liver disorder. Hepatic failure, faulty bile secretion and excessive lipid accumulation can be the result of poor liver health and if kept untreated, conditions can really worsen and treatment might extend to as critical conditions as surgical operations! Liver care is imperative. There are many products available in the market that promise a healthy liver. But what can be better than Himalaya? Liv52, an innovative product by Himalaya promises much better than a healthy liver! Its natural ingredients have properties that keep toxicity low and extend the lives of liver cells, enabling a greater and more efficient functionality.

Herbal Tablets for liver care

Liv52, like other Himalaya products, is completely herbal in its constitution. With unique Indian herb extract, its route of function becomes unique. Listed under are the main constituents of Liv52 that provide an amazing formula against liver disorders.


  • Capparis spinosa – Also known as Capers, this ingredient acts as a stimulant to the liver cells. It increases the efficient functionality of liver and helps in stay healthy.
  • Cichorium intybus – the extract of this herb increases bile production, and thus enables better digestion.
  • Solanum nigrum – Also known as Night shade, this plant naturally fight drug induced toxicity. This is all the more important because people having problems in their digestion and assimilation processes, are frequently prescribed drugs of all sorts!
  • Arjuna – This miraculous herb naturally regulates cholesterol biosynthesis and fights toxins produced in the liver.
  • Achillea millefolium – Better known as Yarrow, this herb acts as appetite enhancer and keeps unwanted infection and inflammation under check.

All these ingredients, combined together, form an extremely effective cocktail of extracts that makes Liv52 an extraordinary cure for liver disorder.

Uses of Liv52 other than liver care

Not just taking care of liver disorders, Liv52 helps in bringing the entire metabolism under balanced control. It helps in keeping the level of cholesterol in blood under check due to the presence of Arjuna in the Liv52 pills. Digestion, as a whole is a better process. Lipid synthesis and assimilation is regulated. Infections of the stomach are kept low.

Dosage of Liv52

Due to its importance in everyday digestive requirements, it is better to maintain an intake of atleast 2-3 pills each in the morning and in the evening. This needs to be continued till there is relief from the ailment. After the liver disorder has been taken care to a healthy state, the dosage can be reduced. However, before commencing the dosage, it is recommended that a good physician be consulted.

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  1. Parmvir sharma

    I want to know about the ayurvedic liver treatment because i have normal fatty liver and also higher LFT .

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