Don’t let life pause! Menosan, the ultimate Menopause Remedy

Menopause is a stage which every woman, invariably has to face in her life. The symptoms and worries posing problem during this stage are really huge. Starting from physical dysfunctionalities to mental swings, every symptom is basically depressing and irritable. There is a huge turbulence in the female hormonal balance. The result is awkward changes in the body that are definitely not welcome. Drooping skin, wrinkles, heaviness in the stomach and post-menopausal effects are common. Suddenly, there is a definite loss in libido and frustrating conditions start building up. Female hormonal imbalance can have more severe after-effects as well! In a nutshell, life after menopause seems to be a new age altogether!

Since most of the effects of menopause are not welcome, menopause remedies are much sought for. Menosan, a product from the renowned brand Himalaya, is the best of all menopause remedies. Its herbal constituents impart it a totally unique property that attends to all possible symptoms and effects of female hormonal imbalance. Here, we describe the prime reason for what makes this product an immensely effective nourishment formula for post-menopausal women.

Magic constituent of Menosan


This is the main constituent of Menosan. An Indian herb with a terrific capacity to replenish the female body with depleted materials, this herb has rightly been named as Shatavari or ‘the woman who is wife to hundred husbands’. This herb contains chemical compound classes that enable the female body to face all kinds of reproductive, menstrual and menopausal errands.

The main course of action of Shatavari extract is through replacement of the suddenly lowered down hormonal levels in the body. The main female hormone, estrogen faces a very quick loss in the body. The effects are loss of capability to conceive, irritation, low libido and changes in reproductive organs (drooling down of breasts and permanent enlargement of vagina). Menopause in women occurs earlier than any occurrence of any such symptom in males. Of course, men do not have menopause, but even they face a lowered libido and erection problems at a certain stage in their lives, mainly after fifties. The prior occurrence of these symptoms in women leads to a frustrating married life in most couples. Shatavari contains phytoestrogens, plant chemicals that very closely resemble human estrogen. Thus, the intake of this herb helps restore the lost female hormonal balance. Scientifically, this is referred to as Hormone Replacement Therapy. When estrogen levels are normalized, all post-menopausal symptoms like irritability, hot flushes, heaviness in the body, a feeling of depression and minor changes in the body structure are well takes care of! Thus, Shatavari itself acts as a wonderful menopausal remedy.

Dosage of Menosan

The most preferred dosage is 4 pills a day, two in the morning and two at night, before going to bed.  But as always said, your doctor knows your body the best! So it is advisable to consult your physician before jumping upon any medication.


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