Neem Powder for your Health

Neem, also known as Indian Lilac, has several benefits on the skin and hair. It has several health benefits too.

For skin:

Neem powder is known to be antibacterial and antifungal. People with problematic skin should use neem powder regularly to get rid of skin problems. Being rich in Vitamin C, neem powder prevents ageing. It makes the skin look young and beautiful. You can avoid blackheads by applying neem powder on the affected areas. Prepare a paste of neem powder and apply on the problematic areas. Whether you have an only skin or dry skin, neem powder can be used on your skin. Neem powder is also suitable for acne-prone skin.

It acts as a natural skin toner too. Skin infections, cuts, wounds, burns, etc. can also be prevented by regular use of neem powder.

Respiratory health:

Neem powder is known to be beneficial in treating cough, cold and asthma. It acts as a natural cough suppressant. People suffering from cold and flu should take neem powder regularly.


Neem powder promotes hair growth. It also helps you get rid of dandruff. If you have an itchy scalp, you may use this wonderful natural powder to get immediate relief.

Birth control:

This natural product acts as a natural contraceptive. It can be used for birth control and abortions. It is used as a contraceptive since ages.

Chicken pox:

Neem tree paste can be applied to a person suffering from chicken pox. It has a soothing and calming effect on the skin.


It helps to reduce the symptoms of diabetes. As neem powder helps to reduce the blood sugar levels in the body, it takes care of diabetic patients.

Dark circles:

Regular use of neem can help to reduce the pigmentation. It also helps to get rid of dark circles. You may apply neem powder paste around the eyes and wash off after 15 minutes.


Neem takes care of teeth also. If you need shiny and healthy teeth, neem can prove beneficial.

Concoction make up of neem powder can be used to enjoy its benefits. You can consume neem powder regularly to get rid of health problems.

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