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Premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea and nocturnal emissions are common problems among many males around the world. The results are disturbing and frustrating to both the partners, if not very challenging to a relationship! The root cause of the problem is the faulty flow of testosterone throughout the body. The brain signals controlling the sexual functionalities start getting distorted and there are discrepancies in the neuro-endocrine system. Well, there are several medicines and exercises that help in reducing all these symptoms of sexual dysfunctions in men.

Confido is however, a totally natural medicine, with unique properties that enable in overcoming all these issues and is primarily a premature ejaculation cure. Basically, Confido is a cure to all kinds of male reproductive issues in the best possible manner. Under-given are the main properties that make confido so special in its outcomes.

  • Testosterone levels are increased and made more regular throughout the body. This makes getting excited, neither a very quick nor a very slow process. Sexual desires and erection issues are attended to. This helps in a substantial way in premature ejaculation cure.
  • Sperm counts are naturally heightened. This increases fertility in men. The seminal fluid becomes more voluminous, resulting in the ejaculations to be powerful.
  • Anxiety is a common tormentor during sexual intercourse. The herbal constituents in Confido trigger the brain to emit signals that promote calmness during intercourse. Ejaculation and excitement thus become more controlled processes.
  • Libido is largely increased.
  • The soothing herbal effects of libido promote a good night’s sleep and help in fighting nocturnal emissions.
  • Confido functions through the neuro-endocrine route to promote better ejaculation patterns and ensure perfect erection.

Ingredients of Confido, it increases libido.

Small caltrops – Also known as Gokshura, this herb is an aphrodisiac. As such it increases libido. The sperm count and quality are given a lift, thus attending to one of the main causes of male impotence. Another important medicinal utilization of this herb is that it strengthens the penile tissues. Thus, erection issues are attended to equally well!

Saleb orchid – This herb is primarily responsible for increasing libido in men. Apart from increasing libido, this herb also helps in making the sexual performance on the whole, better.

Dosage of Confido

Since this product mainly aims at improving performance in bed by acting as a pre-mature ejaculation cure, it is necessary that it should be taken atleast an hour prior retiring to bed. Rest, it is good to consult a good physician before deciding on any particular consumption pattern. Sexual acts are totally a result of activities in the brain. Confido ensures its action by acting through making these brain acts perfect. There is no fixed ailment in the body that it is supposed to affect. Hence, when to take the medicine and when to stop taking it is a crucial decision to make!


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    Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Many thanks for providing this info.

  2. Razzak Ahamed

    I think,confido is sufficient no
    cturnal emission.

  3. dinesh

    main jab sex karne lagta hu to mere penis may thodi der main errection khatam ho jata hai or intercourse pura nhi ho pata kya confido lena mere liye usefull hoga


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