Osteoporosis Ayurvedic Patanjali Health Package

Osteoporosis is a bone and joint ailment that has driven thousands of individual nuts. This condition generally occurs post middle age when the calcium content in bones and joints spontaneously decreases. As an after-effect, bones become less dense and brittle. Osteoporosis patients often complain of rattling bones and easy fracture even in the most impossible conditions. Due to the weakness and pain in joints, mobility becomes a major problem. Joints become stiff and more than often, the lubricating gel that is instrumental in joint movements; dries off. This produces a creaking effect on joints, causing excruciating pain while movements.


The Concept behind

The treatment of osteoporosis, conventionally involves calcium supplements, which people are advised to start ingesting from a much younger age as a preventive measure. Under dire conditions, surgery is the most pronounced way of treating osteoporosis. The herbal way is however, the best, the most fruitful and the most non-reactive way for treatment of osteoporosis. Surgeries are often very expensive and involve a lot of complications later on. The osteoporosis package involves the use of ancient herbs that have been acknowledged to increase bone density and bone strength. Jont refilling is also an action that these extracts perform.

The uses

  • One of the foremost uses of these herbs is that they help nourish bone cells. When nourished, bones become denser, thus reducing the incidences of unexpected fractures and making bones stronger. Increased density also guarantees less pain while making movements.
  • Another role that these herbal extracts play is that they replenish the loss in mineral content of the bone. After middle age, the body starts deteriorating as far as metabolism is concerned. When it is so, the food that we eat is not properly digested and assimilated. As such, mineral absorption is not proper. Moreover, in some people, foods that produce calcium and magnesium ions in the body fail to be digested totally. As such, absorption of the necessary mineral becomes questionable. The herbal extracts flow in the blood stream and make up for the loss in minerals in bones.
  • The osteoporosis package is highly useful in the treatment of other bone conditions like arthritis and gout. Thus, the herbs play a remedial role in multiple diseases and conditions.

The benefits

  • Since it is completely herbal, side-effects are nil. Prolonged usage is thus a possibility.
  • Bones and teeth are strengthened.
  • It is not necessarily meant for people above the middle age group. The younger generation can also benefit from its healing effects. This would act as a preventive shield against grave bone conditions in the future.
  • It is much less expensive as compared to surgery and prolonged allopathic treatment.

Dosage and recommendations

It is best to consult a well experienced practitioner regarding the dosage of this package. A healthy lifestyle, good food and ample resort to yoga is a mandating in order to drive the fullest benefits from this package.


Sale Price

$ 84.50

Name of Medicine

Divya Yauvanamrit Vati 10 gm

Divya Chandraprabha Vati 60 gm

Divya Shilajit sat 40 gm






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