Food is one among the basic needs for all living beings on the earth. In accordance with the needs of our body, we take three meals per day. Out of these, breakfast is considered to be the most important one. It is because breakfast helps in keeping us energized for the whole day. Also it helps us to abstain from getting indulged in over eating or having foods. That is why it is always advised to have healthy and nutritious breakfast.

The breakfast as well as other meals should be rich in fibre content so that our digestive system may remain in good health and normal working order. But only few people pay attention to what they are eating. In large numbers of cases, it is noticed that people take highly fatty or oily foods that have an adverse effect on the digestive system as well as overall body health. Owing to same reason, the problem of obesity, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol has now become common. Being unaware about the high sugar content present in various foods, most people also start suffering from high blood sugar or diabetes.

To manage all such problems and make available a healthy option for breakfast as well as evening snacks, Baba Ramdev Ji has presented a superb product. It is called as Patanjali Barlie Daliya or Ramdev Barlie Daliya. It is a complete breakfast and source of nutrients for the entire body. Above all it is totally organic in its origin. No preservatives or other harmful agents have been used in this product. Hence it is absolutely safe for human consumption.

What makes Barlie Daliya a complete breakfast?

Barlie Daliya as made available by the Patanjali pharmacy serves as a complete breakfast due to presence of all the essential nutrients in it. The major nutrients supplied by this herbal product to the body are as given below.

Protein 8.7 gm, Carbohydrate 75.88 gm, Sugar 0 gm, Total Fat 0.80 gm, Saturated fat 0.17 gm, MUFA 0.11 gm, PUFA 0.52 gm, Trans Fat 0 gm, Cholesterol 0 mg, Dietary Fibre 15.80 gm, Sodium 71.31 mg, Calcium 80.41 mg, Iron 3.1 mg, Vitamin A 0 mg, Vitamin C 2.90 mg.

According to diet experts, all these nutrients are essential for overall well-being of the human body and most optimal functions of all the parts and vital organs of the body.

How to use?

It all depends upon personal choice and preference of the users. It may be used by boiling the same in water or milk followed by addition of sugar to taste. Alternatively, you may prepare a salty dish by adding seasonal vegetables in boiled daliya. Salt may also be added to enhance the taste.

How is Barlie Daliya advantageous?

Patanjali Barlie Daliya is a fantastic food product that is found to be very much beneficial for the human body in multiple ways. Let us now have a look at some of the major benefits of this organic food product on the human body.

Healthy breakfast

Patanjali Barlie Daliya is an excellent and wholesome breakfast for the human body. It may be used in different forms to prepare varieties of dishes. It is an appetizing and complete breakfast that may be consumed by anyone to promote overall well-being and functions of the human body.

Source of essential nutrients

Barlie Daliya is a complete source of all the essential nutrients required by the human body for its normal and most optimal functions. By consuming this daliya, you may even make up for deficiency of some of the most important nutrients in daily diet.

Source of fibre

It is also an excellent source of fibre for the body. Those who are deficit of fibre in their diet due to any reasons may make up for this deficiency by consuming Barlie Daliya. It helps in keeping your digestive system all right.

Helpful in weight reduction

Those desirous of getting rid of excessive body weight may be successful in their mission to great extent by consuming Barlie Daliya on regular basis. It allows you to lose weight in a natural manner without causing any ill-effects or side-effects on the overall body health.

Good source of energy

Barlie daliya is a very good source of energy for the entire body. It helps you to get re-energized and rejuvenated instantly after consumption of this organic food product.

Immunity booster

It is strange to know that the natural body immunity may be enhanced to considerable extent by regular consumption of this wonderful food product. It is a very good source of Vitamin C for the entire body.

Cholesterol reduction

Those diagnosed with high blood cholesterol may control and manage this problem by using this daliya. It reduces and then controls excessively high blood cholesterol.

Blood sugar control

Barlie Daliya is also found to be efficient in the management of the problem of high blood sugar.


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