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Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste has been formulated keeping in mind the varying and unique needs of different types of people. It has been prepared from herbs or other elements existing in the nature. It is absolutely free of any chemicals or other harm causing agents. Unlike other chemical based toothpastes or other tooth care products available in the market, Dant Kanti Tooth Paste is safe for the oral parts. It doesn’t cause any harm to the teeth or other oral parts in any ways.

Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste consists of natural components as given below.

  • Vajradanti
  • Babul
  • Bakul
  • Neem extracts
  • Pilu
  • Majhuphal
  • Akarakara extracts
  • Karpur
  • Vidang extracts
  • Lavanag extracts

All these are good cleansing agents and at the same time promote normal tooth functions. Hence these help in keeping your oral parts in their good health and normal working condition.

What is the way of using Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste?

Use Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste twice in a day to brush your teeth. Use it in the morning and at bed time so as to keep your teeth healthy and shining always.

What are the chief uses?

  1. Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste helps in complete cleansing of your teeth as well as other oral parts. This in turn protects your teeth and the oral parts against any harm that may be caused due to attack of microbes or leftovers of foods stuck amid teeth.
  2. It removes and fights off any microbes or pathogens in the mouth. Hence oral parts and especially teeth and gums are saved against any types of infectious diseases.
  3. It is also useful for those who suffer from foul smell coming from the mouth due to any reasons.
  4. Any types of stains on the teeth that may be caused due to tobacco chewing, smoking or excessive intake of tea, coffee or such other beverages are also removed. This in turn allows users to boast off shining and white teeth.
  5. Deposition of plaque on the teeth is also removed and prevented from further deposition.
  6. It reduces swelling and inflammation in the gums.
  7. Toothache is relieved in an easy and natural way with the use of Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste.
  8. It also strengthens the teeth roots so that unnecessary and untimely decay and falling down of teeth may be prevented altogether.
  9. It is also a very nurturing agent for the teeth, gums as well as other oral parts. Hence it assures good health and normal functions of the teeth in a natural way.
  10. Problem of cavities amid teeth is also managed in an effective way using this herbal toothpaste. It is specifically beneficial for children and kids who fall prey to this problem due to excessive intake of sugary products.
  11. People who complain of sensitivity of teeth may also use this toothpaste and get rid of this problem.

Is it safe?

As stated above, Divya Dant Kanti Tooth Paste is totally assured of its safety for the users in all respects attributed to its herbal origin.

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