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Available in the form of a powder, Divya Dant Manjan is a complete tooth care formula. Since it is totally based on ayurvedic principles therefore it is totally assured of its safety and efficacy. Apart from cleaning the teeth, it is also useful in management of numerous dental and oral issues that are faced by people in routine life. It may be used by all without the fear of any side-effects. It is free of any chemicals or other artificial agents. Hence this is a natural product to take care of your teeth.

Divya Dant Manjan is enriched with the goodness of multiple herbal constituents as mentioned hereunder.

Lavanga, black-salt, rock-salt, Babbula, Neem, Sphatika Bhasma, Karpura or Camphor (native), pepper-mint, Bakula (Maulasiri), Tumburu, Mayaphala (Majuphal), Pippali (of small size), root of Akarakarabha (Akarakara) etc.

All these are being used since ancient times to tackle different types of issues related with the oral or dental parts. That is why all these are combined together to get this fabulous herbal product for teeth.

What is the mode of using?

Take apt quantity of Divya Dant Manjan on your palm and apply it to your teeth with the help of a soft tooth brush. Make sure all teeth are rubbed thoroughly with this toothpowder. Rinse off with normal water once all teeth are brushed properly. It is advised to brush your teeth two times per day with this herbal tooth powder. It allows you to have problem free teeth and oral parts.


  1. Divya Dant Manjan is a perfect way to have healthy teeth that are free from any diseases or other problems.
  2. It helps in treatment and prevention of numerous issues related to the teeth and gums.
  3. Any types of inflammation in the teeth and gums are automatically soothed down with the help of Divya Dant Manjan.
  4. It helps in fighting off harm causing microbes. This in turn saves teeth and gums against any microbial infections.
  5. Tooth decay is also prevented using this herbal tooth powder. It helps in keeping your oral parts protected against any harm that may be caused due to intake of sugary products or other sweets.
  6. It is especially beneficial for children who are prone to develop cavities amid teeth due to excessive intake of sugary or sticky products.
  7. Problem of foul smell coming from the mouth is also tackled well. It helps in getting rid of bad breath from the mouth so as to offer refreshing feeling to the mouth.
  8. It is a very good source of nourishment for the oral parts including teeth and gums. Hence good health and normal functions of the teeth and gums are ensured in a natural way.
  9. It also removes any stains or ugly marks from the teeth.
  10. You can have shining white teeth with the help of this product.
  11. It also helps in removal of plaque from the teeth. Further deposition of the same on teeth is also prevented.

Is it safe?

Divya Dant Manjan is definitely a safe tooth powder. It may be used by anyone without the fear of any side-effects.

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