Divya Dhara (Special Medicated Oil) 20 ml


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Divya Dhara is special medicated oil that helps in getting rid of pain any of the body parts. Unlike other pain-relief products available in the market, it is free of any chemicals or other harm causing agents. Hence it is totally safe for the body in all respects. It may be used internally as well as externally.  It is such a wonderful preparation form the Patanjali pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji that can be used in multiple ways for the body.

As stated above, Divya Dhara is totally a natural remedy. Therefore it contains only natural components. The chief components of this herbal formula are camphor, clove oil, Bishop’s weed, peppermint and Eucalyptus oil. All these are being used since ancient times in the ayurvedic medicine world for various medicinal purposes. Therefore all these help in relieving pain in a natural manner.

Mode of using

It is very simple to use this herbal remedy to get rid of pain. You just need to roll on the Divya Dhara oil on the affected area of the body so as get rid of pain.

Therapeutic effects

  • Divya Dhara helps in getting rid of pain from the body in a natural and safe manner.
  • It can be used to relieve headaches in an efficient way. It relieves that headache as soon as it is applied on the forehead.
  • It can even be used by such people who suffer from the problem of nose bleeding frequently. It helps in stopping the bleeding from the nose. Also it helps in prevention of further occurrence of this problem.
  • It is also effective in relieving toothaches caused due to any reasons.
  • It can be used in case of ear problem. Pain in the ears is relieved in an effective and safe way.
  • It can even be used to relieve the strain from the eyes due to constant studying, reading or watching television.
  • It is also useful for those who suffer from cold more often. Also it is useful in case of running nose. It can be used to open the blocked nose. Problem of running nose is also managed in an effective way.
  • Those who suffer from neck pain may use this medicated oil and get relieved of pain naturally. It soothes down the pain by relaxing the muscles of the neck.
  • It also helps in getting rid of stiffness and inflammation caused in the neck.
  • Similarly, it may be used in case of back pain as well. You may get rid of pain from the back with the use of this product.
  • This herbal product may also be used in case of influenza.
  • Recurrent throat infections can be treated and prevented with the use of this oil. It helps in offering complete protection to the throat against the microbes responsible for frequent infections.
  • It is equally beneficial for asthma patients. The frequency and intensity of asthma attacks may be reduced with the use of this oil.

Safety of use

Divya Dhara is totally assured of its safety for the users. It is free from any side-effects on the body.

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