Divya Kesh Taila (Herbal Hair Oil) 100 ml


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Divya Kesh Taila is a perfect formula to promote good health of the hairs in a natural and safe way. It is totally an ayurvedic product that helps in keeping your hairs in good health and nice condition. You may have flawless hairs that are free from any problems. It helps in getting rid of the problem of hair fall, hair loss, dandruff and premature greying of the hairs. It is a one-stop solution for all types of hair issues suffered by people in day to day life.

Prepared by using a blend of wonderful herbal constituents, Divya Kesh Taila offers relief from different types of hair problems. The major active components of this wonderful hair care product are as follows.

Brahmi, sesame oil, ananta-mula, Amla, Bhringraj, Kamala (lotus), Nilini (indigo), Shweta chandana, priyangu and naga- kesara, Ratan-jot, Daru-haridra, Jata- mansi, Lodhra, bala, gunja (white variety) and mushta( nagar- motha)

These are all being used since ancient times to promote good health of the hairs and their normal functions. Hence these are combined together to get the fabulous herbal remedy called as Divya Kesh Taila. It is a very good gift for all people by the Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji.

How to apply?

Apply the oil with the help of your fingers into hairs and scalp. Massage gently but thoroughly so that the oil gets absorbed into the hairs and the scalp completely. It is best to use it at night time so that the oil may remain in your hairs for an overnight. Then wash off with some mild herbal shampoo the next morning to have clean, clear and wonderfully shining hairs.

Line of action of Divya Kesh Taila

  1. Divya Kesh Taila allows you to have flawless and problem-free hairs.
  2. It helps in imparting wonderful glow and shine to the hairs.
  3. The hairs are well-moisturized with the use of this hair oil.
  4. It helps in getting rid of unnecessary dryness and roughness of the hairs.
  5. You can have soft and smooth hairs using Divya Kesh Taila.
  6. Any types of itching, irritation or other discomforts experienced in the scalp are also managed well with the use of this wonderful herbal hair oil.
  7. It is even good for your eyes and the brain. It offers a soothing and cooling effect to the eyes and brain as well.
  8. It also saves your scalp against any types of allergies, inflammatory conditions and chronic skin conditions.
  9. It helps in relieving mental stress as well.
  10. Premature greying of the hairs can also be prevented using Divya Kesh Taila. It helps in retaining natural hair colour for long time.
  11. It helps in making your hairs glow and shine in an amazing way.
  12. The blood and oxygen supply to the brain and the hairs is improved. Consequently, good health of both these is ensured in a natural way.

Safety factor

Divya Kesh Taila is totally safe and reliable in all respects. There are no contradictions or side-effects of this hair oil. Hence it is safe for the users.

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