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Increase in the level of bilirubin in our blood may turn the skin color to yellow. Likewise whites of our eyes and the nails may also become yellow that is known as jaundice. Those suffering from this disorder are seen with weakness and itching throughout their bodies. Reduced appetite and pain in the right side of the abdomen are also the signs of this disorder that may lead to vomiting or nausea. Color of the stool and urine may turn dark yellow. Fever due to infection may also be there. Inflamed liver / bile duct, increased breakdown of the red blood cells and existence of stones in the gall bladder may cause this disease.

Treatment – Use of certain allopathic or traditional medicines may cause complications. That’s why the patients now prefer ayurvedic medicines and Ramdev’s remedies in particular.

Yoga Guru’s medicines – Ramdev has introduced the following remedies for jaundiced patients:

  1. Divya Sarvakalp Kwath – It is a great medicine that contains the herbal components. Free from any chemicals or other substances that aggravate the disease; this remedy works wonders. It keeps the level of bilirubin to the desired levels.
  2. Divya Arogya Vardhini – As the name suggests, it keeps the body free from diseases including jaundice. Those taking it evenly are able to kill the symptoms without being affected in any adverse manners. They get rejuvenated.

Prepared by following the ayurvedic principles and good manufacturing practices, the above medicines are safe in all respects. Strict safety checks are exercised to ensure that users are safe in all respects.

Treating jaundice with home remedies – Include fresh radish leaves in your daily diets. Taking its juice on daily basis work wonders. Tomatoes juice with pepper is quite beneficial. Almonds are also good. Liver functioning can be improved with almonds. Sugarcane juice and lemon juice are much helpful in getting rid of jaundice and its ill effects. Add turmeric powder in water and take it twice a day. It is able to kill infection and inflammation that are behind jaundice. Papaya leaves’ paste is a great home remedy. Taking butter milk by adding roasted cumin seeds powder works wonders. It helps in easy digestion. Amla is another great home remedy for killing symptoms of jaundice. Mashed ripe banana with honey is also good.

Taking sufficient water helps in detoxifying the entire body and removing excess of bilirubin. Include rice, fruit juices, porridge and yoghurt in your daily diets. Foods with artificial chemicals should just be avoided.

Alcohol and smoking should be kept at distance. Cold drinks and oily / junk foods must be avoided.

Physical activities and yoga – Get engaged in yoga asana and other physical actions. They are good to improve blood circulation and purify it. Going for long walks and swimming are also good. Buy Ramdev’s Yoga DVD for yoga and perform the yoga as per his guidelines that are much beneficial as they cure the disease in natural manners.  No side effects are reported by doing exercises and yoga.


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