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Enriched with the goodness of excellent herb, Putrajeevak Seed proves to be a boon for such women who are unable to reproduce due to certain reasons. It is a safe way to enhance the fertile capacity of women. It may be used by even such women who are completely neutral from point of view of fertility. It is apt in dealing with any types of issues related to the sexual or reproductive systems in women. Since it is an herbal remedy therefore it is free from any adverse effects on the sexual, reproductive and any other systems of the body.

Suggested by the name, Putrajeevak Seed has been formulated using the seeds as well as some other parts of the tree of same name i.e. Putrajeevak. It is also known as Putranjiva roxburghii. This tree is full of certain medicinal or health promoting properties or effects and hence useful in the treatment and prevention of gynaecological issues faced by women.

What is the method of using Putrajeevak Seed?

First of all, you need to convert Putrajeevak Seed into fine powdered form by crushing or grinding the same. This powder is to be consumed with Shivlingi seed half an hour prior to meals in the morning and evening. It is to be taken with the milk obtained from cow for most effective outcomes. Use it as per prescription to have the desired results.

Is Putrajeevak Seed really beneficial?

As far as efficiency and benefits of Putrajeevak Seed are concerned, it is really a worthwhile product that helps in making women fertile by getting rid of numerous issues or problems. The major benefits offered by this herbal preparation are given hereunder.

  1. Women who are unable to reproduce due to any reasons may use this amazing herbal preparation and have bliss of children.
  2. It improves fertile capacity in women in a natural and risk-free manner.
  3. Women become able to conceive normally so that they may be able to reproduce and bear children.
  4. The sexual and reproductive systems of women are well-nourished using this wonderful herbal preparation. This in turn assures that no problems may arise in the process of reproduction.
  5. Various hormones that are responsible for different types of sexual and reproductive processes in women are balanced in the body. This in turn assures normal process of reproduction.
  6. Also activity and respective functions of the sexual and reproductive hormones are normalized and optimized. Consequently, any problems that may arise in the process of reproduction are also removed.
  7. The menstrual cycles in women that have a direct link with the process of reproduction are regulated and normalized. It helps in doing away with any types of abnormalities in the menstrual cycles so that women may be saved against any problems in the process of reproduction.
  8. The anti-ageing action of this herbal medicine helps in delaying the process of ageing in women so that the strength and capacity of their reproductive system may be retained.

Are there any side-effects?

Well, Putrajeevak Seed is free from any side-effects or harmful effects on the body attributed to its organic origin.

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