Speman Gives hope to Childless Couples

Scores of couples across the world suffer an immense hollowness in their lives due to the absence of the most beautiful creation ever – a baby! The reasons could be many. While female impotency has been a popularly cited reason, male impotence is also an equivalently grave problem! Well, this problem can be dealt in a variety of ways! Mostly, male impotence is a consequence of low sperm counts and erectile problems. There are a large number of natural products available that claim to attend to these problems. However, nothing can equal Himalaya Speman to increase sperm count naturally. A trusted brand since long, Himalaya has brought in this wonderful formulation which shows terrific results in increasing sperm count.

Properties of Himalaya Speman

There are certain properties that are contained in the herbal formulation of Speman. These properties make this product an amazing solution to male impotence.

  • Anti-oligospermic.
    Let us get introduced to the terminologies first! Speman attends the problem of oligospermia primarily. Oligospermia is the condition when the semen ejaculated, contains exceptionally less sperm count. Oligospermia is mainly responsible for male impotence. The sperms that are ejaculated are not enough to fertilize the female ovum. Speman has been proven to increase sperm count in the semen naturally. Apart from this, it increases semen voluminously. The more voluminous the semen is, the more are the chances of greater sperm content in it. In short, Speman induces spermatogenesis, or the formation of sperms.
  • Libido increasing
    Secondly, speman increases libido in men. Sexual desire is enhanced naturally, thus increasing the frequency of ejaculation and probable fertilization. With increased semen ejaculation every time a sexual intercourse is met, the male taking these pills, naturally experiences a decrease in ejaculation issues. The herbs that are used in this magic pill, are proven to display aphrodisiac properties. This encourages powerful seminal discharges and more powerful ejaculations.
  • Anti-oxidant
    Speman shows anti-oxidative functions also! As a result, it prevents the sperms from getting oxidized at an early age! The sperms become more potent and rest longer. This gives them extended life for penetrating the egg cell and fertilizing it. Toxicity, in general is also reduced. Thus, another cause of male infertility is taken care of!

Ingredients of Himalaya Speman

Here, we list down the basic constituents of Speman that make this product so unique in its mode of action:

  • Hygrophila – It is a miraculous herb that diminishes incidences of spermatorrhea or accidental ejaculation.
  • Velvet bean – it is greatly helpful in keeping hormonal levels at perfect equilibrium. This creates favorable pleasure triggers for the brain in increases semen.
  • Gokshura – This herb induces the production of testosterone in the body and improves libido to a great extent.

Directions for use

It is best to consult a physician regarding the usage of this herbal drug. The requirement might vary according to the severity of the condition.

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