The life of a Yogic Monast – Swami Ramdev

He does not need any introduction, no matter which place this article is being read at. His native land, India; or abroad! His followers are many and his teachings have really been immense. Way different from the religious teaching of several other Gurus, who have taken up preaching as a profession, Swami Ramdev has given the world something that till today had been a safely kept secret among the Yogic Community. He has presented the world with the gift of an eternal healthy living through Yoga, meditation, Asanas and a simple hassle-free life. In this write-up, we learn about the life of this Great human being.

Swami Ramdev was born to Gulabo Devi and Ramnivas Yadav in a village of Haryana, originally named as Ramkrishna Yadav. His childhood was spent in the same village till he completed his education up to the eighth grade of school from a local educational Institute. Life thereafter, had never bound him with bondages and restrictions. After completing his education till eighth grade at Haryana, he left the place and kept roaming about in the world of Gurukuls. He visited many of them and stayed there to learn about ancient Indian Scriptures and Yogasans. All this time, he learnt self-discipline at its ultimate. The kalva Gurukaul and kangri Gurukul had been two places which had accommodated him for the longest durations of time. Thereafter, he felt the need to renounce earthly life of relations, bindings and bondages. He directed himself to the dark peace of caves in the mountains and practiced self restrain, self discipline and meditation. What emerged from there was more than just a human being! It was an enlightened human being!

From then, began the life of Swami Ramdev as a preacher. Although in Kalva Gurukul he had trained students in respect with yogic practices! His first public encounter was in the form of an hour’s slot with Astha Television. It did not take him long to wand his magic and within a few years, he gained immense popularity amongst his followers. The most important reason this happened, was that he was no person to fake! His teachings bore results that people could see.

Life further, invited al lot of fame for him and the rest is history!


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