Cystone for Urinary Tract Health, Kidney Health

The drainage system of the human body referred to as the urinary tract often experiences some or the other kind of infections. It is this part of our body that carries out the waste elements and extra water as well. The urinary tract consisting of two ureters, two kidneys, a urethra and a bladder, is said to be infected when certain microbes such as viruses, bacteria and fungi find their way into one of these vital organs. Today, many people across the globe find themselves victims of urinary tract infections. So, what can be done to get rid of these infections? Well, Cystone, a herbomineral formulation, is said to be the perfect answer to your problems. Let’s find out more about this magical dietary supplement.

What is Cystone all about?

Cystone is basically an Ayurvedic medicine which helps facilitate normal urine composition in our body. Further it also helps in maintaining the mucosal integrity. The reason why Cystone is considered to be one of the most important urinary tract infection remedies is that it helps maintain a healthy urinary tract. Now, this is very crucial for the smooth functioning of the human body. Apart from this, Cystone also helps you in getting rid of temporary water-weight gain. With this remarkable medicine, your kidneys & urinary tract function in an absolute normal way!

Why go for Cystone?

Well, there are plenty reasons for consuming Cystone, if you are facing some urinary tract infections. Some of these are discussed as under –

  • Prevent the formation of kidney stone
  • Get rid of burning sensations while urinating
  • Helps promote a normal urinary tract
  • Maintains an equilibrium of pH (acidity or alkaline) in your bladder
  • Eliminates the recurrence of different urinary tract infections
  • Thwarts super-saturation of lithogenic substances
  • Maintains crystalloid-colloid balance
  • Cures urinary incontinence in women
  • Slows down oxamide absorption from your intestine

What makes Cystone as one of the best urinary tract infection herbal remedies?

Research has proven that Cystone acts as the best panacea for those who suffer from complex urinary tract infections. Whether you are suffering from pain & inflammation or excessive acidic urine, Cystone is the penultimate wonder drug for you! Here’s how Cystone gets its magical anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities –

  • Small caltrops – Also known as Gokshura, this herb plays a vital role in perfecting the uro-genital tract. It potentially fights all signs of material deposition in the kidneys, thus reducing the probability of kidney stones to a large extent. It also possesses anti-microbial functions.
  • Pasanabheda – The extract of this herb shows demulcent and diuretic properties. It is these unique properties that make Pasanabheda a herb of choice in this herbal medicine.

Dosage of Cystone

Generally, Cystone is taken in the dosage of 4 tablets a day, two each in the morning and at night. However, if the condition demands, it is highly advisable to seek suggestions from a practitioner.


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