Divya Drishti Eye Drop

Globally, millions face some or the other kind of eye problem at some point of time in their lives. What’s more, people suffering from diabetes are more prone to have acute eye problems. So, how do you ensure your eyes stay healthy? Well, the Divya Drishti Eye Drop is the solution to all kinds of eye problems.

Whether it is cataract or glaucoma, the netra jyoti eye drops from Divya Pharmacy is a remarkable herbal medicine to keep the vision of your eye intact. Apart from providing a clear vision, these eye drops facilitate the smooth functioning of your eyes which is particularly very important. The best part about using Drishti eye drops is that there’s no side effect. Read on to find out more about the Divya Drishti Eye Drop.

The concept behind

The Divya Drishti Eye Drop is prepared from honey, lemon juice, ginger juice and white onion juice to strengthen the muscles of your eyes. It cleanses the eye and also helps deal with weak eyesight. People of all ages including elderly and children can use these eye drops to keep their eyes healthy. What’s more, the eye drops are also instrumental in removing eyes from dust and can be used by people who frequently have to use computers. Most importantly, Divya Drishti eye drops are a natural way to treat different eye problems without having any side-effects.

The uses

Whether you have conjunctivitis or any other eye problem, the Divya Drishti Eye Drops offers unmatched nourishment to your eyes. It helps you get proper vision and is also useful during an eye injury. What’s more, if you are involved in a job that causes eye strain, the Divya Drishti Eye Drops offer relief to your eyes by relaxing the muscles. Furthermore, if you had an eye surgery, the drops are useful in reducing eye pain as well.

The benefits

These netra jyoti eye drops are a brilliant natural cure for straining eyes. Take a look at some of the benefits of using these eye drops –

  • Helps in the treatment of eye infections
  • Reduces watering of eyes
  • Improves vision and eyesight
  • Promotes a healthy functioning of eyes
  • Offers the necessary nutrition to your eyes
  • Provides nourishment to cells in the eyes
  • Prevents various eye diseases

Dosage and recommendations

Putting a couple of these drops in both eyes before going to bed everyday works wonders for your eyes. You should, however, consult an expert Ayurvedic practitioner before using these eye drops. Besides using the Divya Drishti Eye Drops, here are some other recommendations to improve your vision and treat various eye diseases –

  • Eat a well-balanced diet particularly green leafy veggies
  • Having fruits such as banana, apple, papaya etc also help improve eyesight
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Increase the intake of food that is rich in Vitamin A and carotene
  • Mix some lime juice with rose water and use it as eye drops
  • Have lots of rest and sleep
  • Apply slices of cucumber to relax your eyes and reduce strain
  • Wash your eyes frequently to prevent infections and remove dust particles


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16 thoughts on “Divya Drishti Eye Drop

  1. Ashley Brown

    Just wanna ask is this really effective for the eyes. Because my sister has problem on her left eye.Please do suggest me does it really gives fruitful result. Thanks!!

    • admin Post author

      yes Divya Drishti Eye drop is very effective

  2. ishan

    dear sir ,
    My both eyesight weak and i have spex, is divya drishti helpful for remove my spex.

    • admin Post author

      Yes very effective for eyesight improvement.


  3. sandeep kumar chourasia

    sir my eye pressure is more than 22 . This pressure is controlled by drishti eye drops.Please suggest me on my email. thanks

  4. Ashish Khandelwal

    Dear Sir,
    Since last few days, I am having vision problem while working Computer and to seeing other electronic device or other kind of reflecting things.
    I am still not wearing specx. please tell me is it useful in this problem or I shall go for specs?

  5. kailash chandra khanduri

    I am having vision problem since last 5-6 years, i wears specs and works on computer, is divya drishti helpful for me and can i use it regular basis without any side effects …

  6. Shayal

    Sir, I have vision problem on both of my eyes. -!1 on one eye and -2 in the other eye. I want to know it this eyedrop will work on my eyes and remove spects from my eyes.
    Also I want to know if my mother’s ageing eyesight problem will be solved by wearing this eyedrop or not.

  7. Shayal

    Sir, I have vision problem on both of my eyes. -1 on one eye and -2 in the other eye. I want to know it this eyedrop will work on my eyes and remove spects from my eyes.
    Also I want to know if my mother’s ageing eyesight problem will be solved by wearing this eyedrop or not.

  8. rajesh

    this is not usefull. long use result in weakness of eye sight. i have used for 12 months finally optm surgery due to adverse effect

  9. Paras Dua

    Sir, Meri right eye me kaafi Problem hai meri right eye Ka no -3.5 Cylendrical hai,,Sir Chashma laga k bhi mujhe right eye se bahut kam dikhai deta hai or problem ye hai ki eye isse jyada chashme ka no le he ni paati…plz sir plz me some suggestion.

      • admin Post author

        use ayurvedic eye drop and try to do pranayam yoga

  10. Deepak das

    Sir my eyes is very weak. please tell me solution

  11. Bijit Roy

    I am diabetic. So, i am using dristi eye drops. It will be usefull or not……


    SIR,i am suffering from very weak central vision problem and colourblindness problem due to macular dystrophy. it is genetic disorder plz give me any possible solution


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